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€ 15 to New York?
€ 265 to Peru?
€  87  to  China?

Fly with up to
80% discount.

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Peru + Brazil

€ 265,-



€ 361,-



€ 87,-



€ 553,-


New York

€ 15,-

(yes, fifteen!)


€ 279



€ 251,-

Prices mentioned above were bookable in 2012 (departure from Europe) and our offers include the following airlines:

How is this possible?
Flying for € 15 or even € 309 to New York

Our intelligent algorithm and our fare experts find fares you'd never find
easily on or We scout for fare deals.
Let us explain the 3 different fare categories. Then you'll understand.

  • Rare fares

    Sample: € 15 to New York
    1. Rarest, show up only
      every 5-12 months.
    2. (Dis)appear within
      hours. We send you
      an e-mail or SMS.
      Quick = key.
  • Promo fares

    Sample: € 309 to New York
    1. Temporary fares,
      appear monthly.
    2. Still VERY low priced,
      bookable within
      a few days.
  • Regular fares

    Sample: € 653,- to New York
    1. Too expensive! You
      will never pay this
    2. This is what the
      person next to you
      paid. Laugh!

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